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This site is an open-ended and ongoing, public domain repository of writings, research, interviews and information, collected and gathered by James Wrigley during an MA in graphic design and art direction. The overarching theme of this repository is responsibility, both from the creator and the publisher; examining topics such as ethics within arts, media and publishing, looking at the use of social and political ideologies within the creative and distribution process, andexploring areas of popular culture, individualism arts, education and language. The aim of this repository is to be both informative and useful, but to also act as a background, a base layer, to be the bottom line towards a new manifesto to all friends, artists, writers, curators, critics, photographers, illustrators, galleries, institutions and collectives.

This site is produced with the intent of collective sharing of information and opinion, using a number of social networks and platforms to compile information, articles and research shared from users across the world. As such every reasonable attempt has been made to identify owner of copyright. Any errors or omissions brought to my attention will be corrected as soon as possible.

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Axel John Wieder on Bookstores

In this sense then, the “principle” of the bookstore would appear to have gained new relevance as a public medium, and as such has experienced a major boom due to the spread of magazines and publications produced by independent publishers in the last years. This relationship between the small publisher and the shops has become key in selling niche publications worldwide and producing a standardisation of independent markets; one could suggest that you are just as, if not more likely, to find a magazine from Berlin-Mitte in a bookstore in London as in another area of Berlin. And whilst a relatively interconnected circle of specialised bookshops has developed internationally, at the same time one witnesses the developmeni: of an advanced form of fashion store, like Pineal Eye in London, Colette in Paris or Appartement in Berlin, which besides stocking clothing, also distribute fashion-associated media. It is interesting to observe how the structural openness evident in Buch Handlung Welt, has transformed to a transdisciplinary network of semi-institutional “shops of knowledge.” Even more interesting, however, are the accompanying digressions in which the semi-institutionalised way of thinking converges with local discourses, peculiarities and re- workings. In these new contexts, the works are “published” again.

Axel John Wieder, “Independent Distributing,” in Put About: A Critical Anthology on Independent Publishing, ed. Maria Fusco and Ian Hunt (London: Book Works, 2004), 156, 161–2.

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HKW – The Publishing Sphere – Ecosystems of Contemporary Literatures

:PDF: Online Publishing Through User Generated Media Essay by Christian Isberg

:AUDIO: Artist Run Reading Spaces, a panel led by Sarah Hamerman during BABZ Fair 2017

Zak Kyes On A New Book Economy

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Eye On Design – Why Self-publishing is a “Decolonizing” Act in the Philippines